Since March 2020, we’ve been producing Welsh of the West End virtual performances to lift spirits, give you that theatre fix we all need, while raising money for over 20 incredible charities and deserving causes.

Everyone involved in these videos have been so generous with their time, and we never expected that 14 months on we'd still be performing virtually for you, rather than in person!

There is still huge uncertainty of when we'll be allowed to get back to work fully, as the theatre industry remains in a difficult position. If you’ve enjoyed the content we've created so far, and would like to support Welsh of the West End on the next part of our journey, we'd greatly appreciate your support. Any donations made would allow us to pay everyone involved for their work, as we continue to create high-quality performances for you.


Thank-you for your consideration, and I can't wait to bring you more from the finest Welsh voices, singing your favourite songs from the world of musical theatre.

Thank you!